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Tongue and Cheek Episode 18

Borrowing Tellings—with Dan J. Ruppel, Broadcast on Montez Press Radio, Saturday, February 29th, 2020, 11AM–12PM

Borrowing Tellings—with Dan J. Ruppel—Ekphrasis and persuading communication—voices bouncing around a room, voices bouncing around in history, 16th century forms of “truth telling” and recounting triumphal processions, “take a deep breath down,” triumphal arches and illustrations of triumphal carts, overworking and pumping the diaphragm, impersonating absence, the details of something that didn’t happen, Barbara Tennenbaum’s Persuasive Communication, embodying a room in the rhythms of one’s voice, “hu hu hey” and directing the voice, historians’ ekphrasis and verisimilitude, listening while speaking, Piffiaro’s “Trionfo di Bacco” and Stadtpfeiffer: Music of Renaissance Germany. 

Dan J. Ruppel is a writer and performer teaching art history and oratory at Roger Williams and Brown Universities. His academic research traces the lineages of the “Roman” triumph and the early modern “entry” ceremony as they appear in francophone festival books throughout the long sixteenth century, exploring how these ceremonies and their documents influence claims to truthful representation and political sovereignty on both sides of the Atlantic. His theatrical creations perform translations across time, media and language, exploring themes of passing and surrogation. These adventures have taken him from Pennsylvania to Transylvania, and from the forests of Quebec to community centers in Palestine.

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